This is the JEMS - Journal and Event Management System. To submit papers or reviews, you must have an account with JEMS. If you already have an account but don't remember your password, fill in the user ID field (with last name, JEMS ID# or email address) but leave the password field blank, and JEMS will email your password to your registered email address. Your JEMS ID# and password will stay the same for all the conferences you participate in or submit a paper to. Do not create a new account if your personal information (email address, affiliation, etc.) has changed; instead, update the information byt editing your profile. If you are not sure about your JEMS login name, try your last name to see if JEMS knows you already. Your browser must have cookies enabled.

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JEMS (Journal and Event Management System) is and adapted version of the EDAS system by Henning Schulzrinne. You can access the original Schulzrinne EDAS version/installation at http://edas.info. The current JEMS version is different from the original EDAS: it has been adapted to the local customs and conditions. This version/installation of JEMS is maintened by the Computer Networks Group (CNG) of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) and provided as a service to organizers of conferences.

On some of the pages you will find links to the people that run JEMS:

  1. JEMS maintainer - is responsible for the maintainance of and improvement to the system. He is also responsible for fixing the bugs. If you find points in JEMS with some strange behavior or error, please contact the JEMS maintainer. The maintainer is NOT resposible for uploading your papers or for solving problems specific to your conference;
  2. Conference chair - is the person that runs a particular conference hosted by JEMS. The conference chair is responsible for setting up the program committee, for determining the conference deadlines and topics, for coordinating the rebuttal process (when used), for coordinating the review process of the submitted papers, and for coordinating the process of selecting the papers to be published by a conference. If you have questions about these matters, contact the conference chair;
  3. Conference administrator - helps the conference chair to handle the technical JEMS-realted matters of the conference. Simples questions (regarding paper registration, paper uploading, etc.) can be sent directly to the conference administrator. If need be, the conference administrator will forward your question to the conference chair, to the JEMS administrator, or to the JEMS maintainer.

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